Wabash Riverkeeper

If you see pollution happening, please call your Wabash Riverkeeper at 765-714-4829

The Wabash Riverkeeper, serves as a spokesperson for the Wabash River and its tributaries.

We represent the many recreational users that enjoy the rivers and streams that make up the Wabash River system. We work for clean water and promote enforcement of the Clean Water Act.

The Wabash River is over 500 miles long and it drains roughly 24,000 square miles of land area in Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. While the Wabash Riverkeeper works to protect the entire river system, it is a lot of territory to cover and we can't do it alone. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please join us! We need volunteers. We need your eyes and ears to help us protect OUR rivers. If you live along a creek or river, float its waters, or just walk along its tributaries, please keep an eye out for pollution.